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The biomarker collaborative groups work together and with others on issues that impact ALL cancer patients.  These initiatives include:

Patient Engagement

The Biomarker Collaborative continues to look for ways to engage with patients at the start of their cancer journey.  We work with cancer associations, physicians and biomarker testing organizations and others to make every patient aware of their biomarker and connect them to their appropriate biomarker group. The biomarker groups can’t help patients they aren’t engaged with.

Improved Screening

Most cancer can be cured if found early enough.  If you are experiencing cancer symptoms, the cancer is likely progressed to later stages.  Individuals at risk need Low Dose CT screening.  A simple biomarker blood test may be the wave of future cancer screening.  The Biomarker Collaborative promotes greater insurance access to individuals at risk.  The best way to cure cancer is to find it early.

Comprehensive Biomarker Testing

Every individual diagnosed with cancer should be tested for every biomarker.  This is called comprehensive biomarker testing. You cannot treat a disease that isn’t properly diagnosed.  There are many drugs specific to a biomarker. These drugs are of little use if not matched to a biomarker

Modernization of Clinical Trials

The process of clinical trials needs to be brought to a new standard.  Patients need greater access to clinical trials.  Access is defined as both geographic access and ARM criteria. Clinical trials also need to be streamlined to get breakthrough drugs to patients quicker.


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