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RET Positive

Building hope, resources and community for RET-positive cancer patients.

Find hope and a sense of community in both of our private online support groups on Facebook: RETpositive, formed by patients and caregivers dealing with any RET driven cancer, and LUNGevity RET Renegades online support group on Facebook specific to those who are facing RET positive lung cancer. We understand what you are going through and hope to share what we’ve learned on our journey so far.

Connect with members, stay informed and join in the conversation by following the twitter feed @RETpositive: Research, news and advocacy for caregivers and patients with RET-driven cancers. Knowledge is power! For the LUNGevity sponsored twitter feed with news specific to Lung Cancer with the RET mutation, also follow @RetRenegades: sharing resources for lung cancer patients impacted by the RET mutation.